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Facebook Is Working On Its Own Prisma Style Art Effects App For Video

Image Credit: The Next Web

Prisma made a more attention around the past two months with its cloud Al-powered effects application for photos and video. However, it seems like Facebook is gearing up to beat the firm at its own game. Hence, the Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive conference in an interview, Facebook’s higher officials described an app the firm has been quietly working on that applies art filters to live visual.

Along with Prisma, Facebook’s style transfer application as it mimics the model of famous painters when transforming your footage. The variation, nonetheless, is in its speed. While, it takes a few seconds to apply your preferred effects, Facebook’s filters perform in real time. Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox announced that the filters are still only prototypes and didn’t noticed if they would be available only via the Facebook Live streaming video platform. Hence, we have communicated Facebook to sort out more and will change this post if there is a response.

Here is a sample music video created with Prisma.